CRTC Tackles Addiction Differently

Costa Rica Treatment Center tackles addiction differently – Read full article

While most drug and alcohol rehab centers shelter their clients from external stimuli, Costa Rica Treatment Center combines the benefit of a traditional residential model with a focus on reintegration.

That’s why, if you visit Costa Rica Treatment Center for yourself, you might not find their clients there at all. In addition to counseling, 12-step meetings and discussion groups, clients at Costa Rica Treatment Center participate in recreational activities around San José and across the country — including hiking trips, days at the beach, art therapy, nature therapy and volunteer opportunities.

By implementing an array of evidence-based practices, Costa Rica Treatment Center helps every client embrace actions required to maintain their sobriety and empowers them to handle situations that might arise as they transition out of residential care.

“The biggest thing is knowing a service like ours is available and is helping to combat the epidemic of substance abuse and mental-health disorders,” said a spokesperson at Costa Rica Treatment Center. “We are here to make a difference.”

Costa Rica Treatment Center employs a highly qualified team to assist clients at both a personal and professional level. They boast a high staff-to-client ratio, which they believe to be one of the highest in the area.

There’s certainly no detail left unnoticed at either of Costa Rica Treatment Center’s two buildings in Rohrmoser, an upscale neighborhood just blocks away from La Sabana Park in San José. The rooms are spacious, the common areas tastefully decorated, and there are rooms dedicated to yoga and patios for outdoor relaxation.

Costa Rica Treatment Center is constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve its addiction treatment programs. Currently, staff are hoping to enhance the nature therapy experience with a full-fledged farm-to-table initiative in which clients can grow the food they’ll later enjoy in the meals prepared by the chef. They’ve also included non-conventional evidence-based therapies such as “Forest Bathing.”

It’s all part of a holistic, multidisciplinary program focused on continued healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Part of that ongoing healing begins with Costa Rica itself. Costa Rica Treatment Center takes advantage of the country’s world-renowned natural wonders during weekend excursions, but it is also located near emergency-care services and English-language Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in order to provide access to a large support group.

Costa Rica Treatment Center is fully accredited by the country’s Ministry of Health, and by the National Institute of Alcoholism and Pharmacological Dependency (IAFA), ensuring operational adherence to the highest standards of professional care………

Costa Rica Treatment Center tackles addiction differently – Read full article

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