At Costa Rica Treatment Center we focus a great deal on providing our clients with a healthy and balanced meal plan that will boost the person’s recovery time from addiction. We offer our clients 3 meals per day prepared daily by our internationally trained chef. Our menu was developed in collaboration with a specialized team of nutritionists and trained dieticians. We ensure that our clients get the necessary vitamins and minerals required for the body to perform at its best. In addition to this, we take into consideration each person’s dietary needs and adjust the menu to accomodate any dietary restrictions they may have.

At CRTC we believe we are what we eat.

The main side effect of an unhealthy diet is malnutrition, a condition caused by the body being deprived of essential nutrients. Substance abuse increases the risk of malnutrition because alcohol and other drugs deprive the body of its ability to absorb nutrients properly. Many people with drug addiction or alcoholism ignore dietary needs and rely on their drug of choice to relieve physical or emotional discomfort. Some have become so accustomed to being in a state of malnutrition that they can’t distinguish between hunger cravings from cravings to use drugs or alcohol. It’s hard for the mind to differentiate between malnourishment and withdrawals symptoms. People will often express a feeling of anxiety, irritability, restlessness in early abstinence from substances that at times represents their desire to use. Many times, the inability to adequately identify the difference can result in relapse.


It’s easy to overlook the importance of nutrition while in rehab. However, in order to maintain peak performace its important to fuel the body with the right sources of energy. We all know we should eat more vegetables and fruits, but how many of us actually eat our meals at the same time every day or in the right proportion?

At Costa Rica Treatment Center, clients engage in a variety of physical activities that aid the recovery process and fastrack recovery times. It’s proven that physical activity helps to increase the likelihood of continued abstinence from drugs and alcohol. One of the ways physical activity helps is by impacting the hormones in the body that reduce cravings and decrease stress. Exercise and physical activity increase levels of dopamine in the brain thereby reducing the need to use. We make sure that our clients are given good sources of energy that can sustain the level of activity required to engage a healthy life in recovery.


Our comprehensive, all-inclusive addiction treatment programs start as low as $5950.00 per month.


Nutrition is an important part of the addiction treatment process. Eating the right kinds of foods before, during, and after treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger over time. Developing a healthy diet that you can adhere to is an essential aspect of our treatment program. At CRTC we make sure to educate our clients on developing a healthy diet that they can continue post treatment. Our two formally trained chefs offer our clients the freshest products perfectly executed in every meal we serve. Most of our products are locally sourced in Costa Rica (Central America) but all are procured in Latin America.


We work together with highly trained staff in every field. Our head of the kitchen, Vanessa Arévalo, graduated from Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno in Argentina. She has broad experience in Peruvian cuisine. Her specialty is fish and seafood, and she is well versed in meats and pastas. She has worked in acclaimed restaurants in Argentina, Panamá, Perú, Colombia and Costa Rica. She enjoys creating author recipes, like her green risotto, which is widely enjoyed by our clients. Vanessa’s positive energy make her the driving force in our kitchen always creating nourishing meals that help our clients achieve their highest potential while in recovery.