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We are here to guide you every step of the way as you travel from abroad to receive treatment. From the moment you decide to book your flight to when you arrive at the airport in San Jose, we will be with you throughout your entire journey. Your first day at Costa Rica Treatment Center is when you get settled in, learn where everything is and who everyone is, and find out what is expected of you. On arrival at Juan Santa Maria International Airport (SJO), one of our operators will be there to meet you and bring you safely into the center. The drive is about 15-20 minutes from the airport and our operator is trained to address any questions you may have. Once you arrive at the center, the journey toward recovery officially begins. The experience, although at times initially nerve-racking, commonly results in one of the most amazing processes you or your loved one will ever undergo.


On arrival at the treatment center, our treatment team will be waiting to welcome you. You will meet the clinical director, your assigned case manager and counselor, your psychologist, the social worker, your occupational therapist, the center operators, the nurse, and the medical team. You will begin the admissions process with one of our operators and proceed to meet with the medical team for evaluation.

Based on your unique medical and personal history, the medical team will develop a suitable protocol to follow to help the client stabilize physically and emotionally.

At Costa Rica Treatment Center we provide the necessary assistance to ensure the client’s safety and comfort at all times.

Outpatient Treatment Costa Rica Treatment Center
Costa Rica Treatment Center


There is no such thing as a typical day at Costa Rica Treatment Center. Each day is different depending on the unique needs and goals of our clients. We offer a therapy-rich and stimulating program that is designed to engage facets of the person and awaken their body, mind and spirit.

Clients are given a combination of individual and group therapy and learn about pragmatic approaches designed to motivate genuine change in their lives. Our program promotes structure and seeks to instill balance in the life of the individual.


Our clients eventually become extended members of our CRTC family. In preparing our clients to go back home, we make sure the client has developed sufficient resources to sustain the course of recovery over time. We make sure each person is equipped and ready to return to their daily life.

Each client receives a personalized comprehensive discharge plan, developed by the treatment team and approved by our clinical director. Before the client is discharged we make sure to connect them to local community resources and provide them with systematic follow-up support to ensure lasting health and recovery.