Our Difference ( Why Us )

Why Choose Costa Rica Treatment Center | Best International Drug Rehab


Most people that attend drug and alcohol rehab centers are sheltered from external stimulus, isolated from people, places and things, and kept on ‘lock-down’ for the duration of their stay in treatment. People often show amazing progress while in drug & alcohol rehab but struggle maintaining their sobriety once they leave.


Costa Rica Treatment Center offers a truly unique approach to drug and alcohol treatment. Our holistic rehabilitation model combines all the benefits of inpatient treatment with a focus on the complete reintegration of the client into society and mainstream life. We pride ourselves in offering our clients a comprehensive rehabilitation program in one single experience.

We believe the only way to effectively treat drug and alcohol addiction is to look beyond the obvious symptoms, identify the source of the problem, and focus on continued healing of the mind, body and spirit. We apply a simple solution to a complex problem and utilize various methodologies and therapies including but not limited to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as the basis of our entire clinical program.

Unlike most addiction treatment centers currently in operation; our clients are given the opportunity to work through their difficulties while being exposed to a real-life environment. We avoid the ‘bubble’ effect of rehab. Our process enables our clients to practice the concepts of recovery learned during their treatment experience before returning home. Evidence shows this better prepares our clients to achieve sustainable and lasting recovery from drugs and alcohol.


Our treatment model considers that recovery from addiction is not the same as abstinence from drugs or alcohol. We help our clients design a way of life that they can adhere to – generally, we incorporate ‘connection’ into their life. We emphasize that a life centered on truth and principle is a life worth living. More importantly, we don’t only emphasize the theory of addiction recovery, but we give each client the opportunity to practice recovery.

We don’t force our clients to ‘fit the mold.’ Each one of our treatment programs is designed in collaboration with the client, considering the clients unique needs and time-frame available. We factor the client’s medical history, social circumstance, cultural background, family dynamics and other important variables. We recognize that everyone has a different set of circumstances and we tailor their program to address their situation.


At Costa Rica Treatment Center we offer the highest qualified staff to patient ratio in the region at the most affordable price point. We are committed toward ensuring that everyone has access to affordable yet premium drug & alcohol rehabilitation. Similar programs in the US range upwards of $30,000.00 per month.