Read full article at Tico Times… Their evidence-based treatment programs are engineered to guide patients toward recovery, even if previous attempts or drug rehabs have failed.

Their addiction treatment model includes a bilingual team that comprises the highest staff-to-patient ratio in the region. The team is highly qualified and includes, among others, licensed mental-health professionals, clinical psychologists, an addictions psychiatrist, two board-certified doctors, and a licensed nurse.

Under the direction of that staff, Costa Rica Treatment Center helps clients through four distinct phases of care.

Upon arrival at Costa Rica Treatment Center, clients undergo a full medical examination and, if necessary, drug or alcohol detox supervised by medical professionals. Afterward, clients meet with their assigned treatment team and create a personalized plan for recovery from substance use disorder. The treatment plans include individual and group therapies, addiction counseling, physical activity and spiritual development.
Costa Rica Treatment Center is connected with the 12-step communities in Costa Rica, and clients regularly attend off-site meetings. Other activities can include yoga taught by a certified instructor, art therapy led by a certified art therapist and psychologist and forest therapy led by a certified nature therapist.

The third phase of treatment at Costa Rica Treatment Center differentiates it from other rehabs in that it begins affording clients more liberties — such as taking trips around the city and the country — in order to monitor and assess decision-making skills as part of the reintegration focus.

Finally, with the previous three phases completed, responsibilities are shifted completely to the client, whom Costa Rica Treatment Center assists in developing their own unique vision for sobriety as well as a healthy daily routine to ensure continued improvements.

Each of the four phases are crucial, Costa Rica Treatment Center staff say, because they combine to increase the likelihood a patient will achieve lasting sobriety after being released from treatment. The attention paid to reintegration, they add, sets Costa Rica Treatment Center apart from other options.

Costa Rica Treatment Center offers 30, 60, 90 and 120-day residential treatment programs, focused on holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit. Their team specializes in adult men and women with substance-use disorders (addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs) and co-occurring mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Located in an upscale neighborhood in the capital city, weekends at Costa Rica Treatment Center include memorable excursions — such as trips to national parks, volcanoes and beaches — unique to such a biologically diverse country.

Costa Rica Treatment Center is much more affordable than the majority of similar options available in the United States or Canada. Their four-phase, all-inclusive program starts at just $3,950 per month, and the admissions team is available to help address financial circumstances if needed.

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