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Costa Rica Treatment Center helps families and adults of all ages suffering from a number of mental and behavioral health challenges. We are one of the most respected addiction treatment centers in Latin America and pride ourselves on offering a full range of mental health and addiction treatment services. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is committed to providing professional and supportive services that improve the quality of life of those who choose us. We look forward to serving you by helping you achieve the results your loved one needs.


On arrival at Costa Rica Treatment Center, our clients undergo a complete medical evaluation conducted by a board certified general doctor with extensive experience in addiction treatment and detox protocols. The medical evaluation is generally followed by a complete psychiatric assessment conducted by one of our three board certified psychiatrists. Once the evaluation is complete, our medical team proceeds in developing a safe and gradual detoxification protocol. Our registered nurse conducts the administration of medication as directed by the medical team.

The detox process focuses on eliminating the withdrawal symptoms by making the client comfortable and cleansing the body from all chemicals and toxins. This process is of utmost importance and medical supervision is required as withdrawal symptoms can result in excruciating physical and psychological pain if unattended.

At Costa Rica Treatment Center we provide the necessary assistance to ensure the client’s safety and comfort at all times.


Our residential treatment program is truly comprehensive and offers clients an experience unlike any other treatment center. Our dedicated multidisciplinary team evaluates the client’s individual history as well as treatment needs and develops a personalized holistic treatment plan focused on healing the mind, body, and spirit. We offer 30, 60, 90 and 120-day residential treatment programs although many clients sometimes choose to stay longer.  Although each case is completely different, our results show that the overwhelming majority benefit the most from our fully comprehensive residential treatment programOur holistic approach is evidence-based and proven.


Our intensive outpatient program is designed exclusively for residents of Costa Rica. We understand that not everyone has the benefit of checking into an inpatient residential treatment program. Everyone has different circumstances that may prevent them from staying at the facility but still have the desire to be treated for addiction or co-occurring disorders. With this in mind, we offer clients that qualify the opportunity to continue engaging in day-to-day life as they participate in an intensive treatment program. During our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) our clients assume greater responsibility over their recovery program but are supported throughout their journey. We tailor design a schedule that the client can adhere to and help them develop a program of recovery that they can follow to continue experiencing abstinence from mind altering substances. Generally, the treatment focus of our outpatient programs is geared toward developing a suitable course of treatment, relapse prevention and finding balance in the mainstream of life while healing underlying traumas and misperceptions.


Find out if our Outpatient Program is an option for you.


Our structured living experience is made available to clients in their final phase of treatment. This aspect of our program gives clients the flexibility to apply some of the concepts learned during residential treatment in real life situations while maintaining a close relationship with key members of staff that have helped them along the way. Clients can design their own personalized vision for sobriety and get accostumed to the real world before they are discharged. Some clients choose to stay in Costa Rica under the supervision of our treatment team to ensure their recovery foundation is deep rooted. This phase of our program offers clients some of the benefits of inpatient residential treatment with the complete reintegration focus of a sober living environment. Our clients have the advantage of recognizing and working through their difficulties while having access to an experienced support team.

As part of our comprehensive treatment plan, we have found that including our this key component to our treatment continuum better prepares our clients to achieving lasting recovery.