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Our team of professionals offers you a holistic evidence-based multidisciplinary approach.

Our team of professionals offers you a holistic evidence-based multidisciplinary approach.


Our team of professionals offers you a holistic evidence-based multidisciplinary approach.


At Costa Rica Treatment Center, beyond addressing the obvious symptoms our dedicated multidisciplinary team offers you a holistic evidence-based treatment program focused on healing underlying issues resulting in addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Our accredited international drug rehabilitation center brings you the highest staff to patient ratio in the region at the most affordable price. Costa Rica Treatment Center’s bilingual addiction treatment team is comprised of highly qualified professionals specialized in addictions treatment with an impressive track record.

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Donald Helmer
Donald Helmer
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I will forever be grateful for CRTC and the staff! I contacted CRTC approximately 10 times prior to flying from Oklahoma to San Jose and my calls and questions were always answered. I finally made my mind up to go and I could…
Dee Dieffenbach
Dee Dieffenbach
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I am a 63 year old woman. When I came to Costa Rica Treatment Center I probably weighed 89 pounds. I had no desire to live for weeks. I couldn’t get out of bed. As soon as I was able to get up, the staff began…
Ryan Eddy
Ryan Eddy
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After a painstaking year long search through almost every rehab center in North America with a number of calls and emails and never getting anywhere I am more than thankful to have found CRTC. From the moment I…

About Us

Affordable And Effective Treatment

Don’t be discouraged if you or your loved one has attended drug rehab before and failed to stay clean.

Costa Rica Treatment Center is different from most rehabs. Our evidence-based treatment program was developed by a team of recovered addicts and alcoholics as well as mental health professionals with experience helping others overcome the disease.

We understand the process of recovery from personal experience and apply a program of action that works.

All inclusive prices starting at $5950 per month for a shared room and $8950 per month for a private room.

24/7 Supervision and Security

  • Multidisciplinary treatment team.
  • Strong English speaking recovery community.
  • Highly specialized professional staff and support team.

Nature filled adventure trips... It's Costa Rica!

  • Outdoor field trips and sober fun activities.
  • World-class beaches and nature exploration.
  • Monthly hikes complete with breathtaking views of the country.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Costa Rica Treatment Center offers specialized treatment programs in all areas of substance abuse and drug addiction including:

Our Unique Accredited Approach – 4 Phases 1 Experience

Medical Detox Program

On arrival at the treatment center, the attending physician conducts a full medical check-up and develops a complete drug and alcohol detox plan, if required.

During the drug and alcohol detox phase our focus is to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms by making the client comfortable and cleansing the body from all chemicals and toxins.

This process is essential and medical supervision is always required as withdrawal symptoms can result in excruciating physical pain and depending on the severity of the case may even result in death.

We provide the necessary assistance to ensure the client’s safety and comfort at all times during this process.


The client meets with their assigned treatment team including a clinical psychologist, therapists, addiction counselor, recovery mentor, spiritual mentor, and occupational therapist to discuss the client’s history and treatment needs in detail. Considering the clients individual case, a personalized treatment plan is developed, outlined and explained.

During this phase, our focus is to unveil the underlying issues and ensure the client becomes fully aware of harmful cognitive patterns, attitudes, and behaviours that result in drug addiction and alcoholism.

We make sure the client is educated on the disease of addiction and alcoholism and begin to introduce evidence-based therapies.

At this stage of the development process, the client starts to shift from self-centeredness, entitlement, victimisation, and dishonesty toward an attitude of gratitude and responsibility.

We ensure the client receives a combination of treatment methodologies throughout the day including group therapies, individual therapies, educational lectures, addiction counselling, spiritual development sessions, physical activity and a well-balanced nutritional plan.


During this stage of the program clients are afforded more liberties and required to assume a proactive attitude toward their recovery.

We begin shifting the responsibility back to the client and carefully monitor the client decision-making skills. This phase gives our clinical staff the non-communicative information needed to determine the concepts have been thoroughly absorbed throughout the previous treatment stages and expose areas that still require some work.

At this point in the development process, we begin focusing on the reintegration stage and defining a program of action that works for the client. We help on restoring the client’s relationships with people, places and things and focus a great deal on building self-esteem and self-respect.


During the final phase, the responsibility is shifted entirely unto the client and our focus becomes the complete reintegration into the mainstream of life.

We give clients the freedom to develop their own vision of sustainable recovery. They are encouraged to develop a healthy daily routine and work the program in a way that suits them.

During this phase of treatment, the clinical team monitors the clients progress closely and conducts ongoing assessments to ensure steady improvement.

Studies show that by integrating this essential part into the overall treatment program the possibility of achieving lasting sobriety increases exponentially.


Addiction Treatment Team

At Costa Rica Treatment Center we ensure that every aspect of our client’s stay is delivered at the highest standard of professional care. We pride ourselves in offering the highest staff to patient ratio in the region. Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Family Therapists, Trauma Specialists, Counselors, Art Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Life Coaches, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, and Recovery Mentors. Collectively, our team is responsible for creating the client’s individual addictions treatment plan.

Dra Karla Uriarte
Dr. Karla Uriarte
Doctor - Code 13412

Dr. Uriarte brings to Costa Rica Treatment Center a diverse medical background. She has extensive experience treating complex medical issues and uses holistic approaches to promote optimal overall health and well-being for all our clients. She performs medical evaluations at entry and supervises overall patient health.

Dr. Randall Quiros
Addictions Psychiatrist

He supports the Costa Rica Treatment Center in the field of Psychiatry. His expertise as a physician in the medical field combined with a deep understanding of addictions treatment and a strong passion for helping people with substance abuse make him a valued member of our medical team. Dr. Quiros performs psychiatric evaluations at entry and oversees all patient medication protocols.

Dr. Viviana Herrera Rojas

Dr. Viviana Herrera graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University Latina of Costa Rica. She has broad experience treating a wide variety of medical pathologies, both chronic and acute. At Costa Rica Treatment Center she performs medical evaluations and supports the medical needs of patients.

Psychiatry and Medical
Dr. Milena Radulovich
Medical & Psychiatric Support

A valued member of our medical team, Dr. Radulovich is a physician versed in psychiatry with extensive experience working with interdisciplinary clinical teams. She is passionate about helping patients struggling with co-occurring disorders and seamlessly integrates her medical expertise with compassionate care. At CRTC, she conducts medical evaluations and supports patients in the early stages of the program.

Bryan Alfaro Psychiatrist Doc
Dr. Bryan Alfaro
Medical & Psychiatric Support

Dr. Alfaro is a physician trained in psychiatry and mental health. His commitment and experience working with mental health patients including those with substance use disorder make him a valued member of our medical team. At Costa Rica Treatment Center, he conducts medical evaluations and helps support patients through early stages of the program.

Tony Feeney
Tony Feeney
Addiction Recovery Specialist

As a person in long-term recovery, Tony has been working to help people find recovery from addiction in some fashion for 15 + years either as a sponsor, mentor, or as a professional in clinical environments. At CRTC he works to formulate practical, action-based plans to transition our clients into healthier states of mental and emotional processing. Tony is a certified 12-step recovery coach and certified SMART recovery facilitator.

Paola Cravioto
Paola Cravioto Pacheco
Clinical Director & Psychologist - Code 6803

Master in Clinical Psychology with over 13 years of experience in addiction treatment, Paola is the clinical director at Costa Rica Treatment Center. Her passion and commitment to providing clients with the best possible experience are the benchmarks of our program. She ensures the program functions at the highest standard, oversees all clinical operations, and supervises all patient treatment plans.

Fiorella Batalla
Fiorella Batalla
Psychologist - Code 9160

Fiorella Batalla is a leading clinical psychologist, developmental coach, and certified trainer. With more than 22 years of experience, Fiorella is committed to treating each person using a wholistic approach. She focuses on helping her patients understand the psychosomatic significance of their physical and emotional stress, which can lead to a more balanced mind and body on their journey to living their best lives.

Ernesto Leon
Ernesto Leon
Director of Operations

Ernesto supervises center operations ensuring the administrative aspects of our company run smoothly on a day to day basis. As an active member of the local recovery community he brings with him a unique and empathetic perspective to his role. As part of his duties, he spends a lot of time with clients and is always willing to be of service to them; regularly going above and beyond the scope of his duties.

Occupational Therapy CRTC
Dalit Gateño Galemiri
Occupational Therapist - Code CTCR-TO-0289

Dalit is an Occupational Therapist with a master's degree in the international development of vulnerable communities. Her evidence-based approach involves the patient in their recovery process through a holistic, interdisciplinary, and collaborative effort. At CRTC, she applies her knowledge in art therapy, music, and theater to help patients discover or re-discover their interests by transforming them into a purposeful daily routine.

Mariana Charpentier
Mariana Charpentier
Psychologist & Family Therapist

Mariana graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor's in Psychology and holds a Master's degree in Marital and Family Therapy from the University of San Diego. At CRTC she focused on the systemic environment of the individual, support networks, friendships, relationships, and family.

Kattya Social Worker
Kathya Serrano Gomez
Social Worker

Kathya is responsible for working on social-emotional relationships by providing comprehensive support to patients at CRTC. Her objectives include helping patients identify their emotions and how they affect their behavior in the various social environment in daily life. She focuses on developing good social skills and integrating these into social interactions.

raquel murillo
Raquel Murillo
Registered Nurse

Raquel is a licensed registered nurse with a specialty in acute detox protocols and addiction treatment. Her responsibilities include the complete oversight of medication administration and management while collaborating intimately with our medical team to ensure our patients receive the best medical attention. She supports patients throughout their treatment process.

Arturo García
Arturo García
Yoga Instructor

Arturo has been practicing Hatha yoga for over 15 years. Amongst many other courses he has taken part in Ashtanga and Pranayama Courses taught by the legendary Baptiste Marceau. With 30 years of yoga Practice, a profound teacher and practitioner and direct receiver of oral Pranayama and Yoga instruction from the Ashtanga Creator himself, Sri Pathabi Jois. Now he is combining the received teachings to form programs in substance abuse proceses with great success.

Andrea Yoga CRTC
Andrea Serrano
Yoga Instructor

Andrea has been a Thai massage practitioner and a yoga teacher for over 15 years and is currently coursing her last year at medical school. She has a firm belief in yoga as an integral part of healing the person. Her medical knowledge combined with her experience as a yoga instructor makes her uniquely qualified to help the healing process of our clients. Her classes at CRTC are centered on traditional yoga practices and focused on applying therapeutic yoga for different ailments

Manuela Siegfried
Certified Forest Therapist

Certified in the concept of Shinrin Yoku and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. Manuela has been guiding very actively and helps people awaken their senses as well as a slow down in a natural setting so one can reconnect with themselves and the more than human world.

Pilar Arce
Pilar Arce
Operations Manager & Recovery Advocate

With a degree in Psychology and over 11 years of experience in addiction treatment, Pilar brings with her a multifaceted understanding of addiction and mental health disorders. Her advocacy and ongoing service commitment to the community and patients at CRTC make her an extraordinary example of the possibilities in recovery. She is an indispensable member of our operating team.

Laura Sibaja
Laura Sibaja
Sound Therapist

Sound healing therapy seeks to bring harmony, order and coherence to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body through the vibrations and waves produced by different instruments such as tibetan bowls, drums, gong, bells among others.

Robert Woolf

With a BS in Business Administration now retired, Robert continues working part-time to support fellow addicts/ alcoholics discovering recovery by sharing his experience, strength, and hope. He is widely considered a pillar of the local recovery community regularly mentoring and sponsoring those in need.

Eva Lahmann
Addictions Counselor & Clinical Psychologist NCC #- 1463867

Eva is a National Certified Counselor in the United States where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Psychology from The University of Colorado at Boulder and her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Vanessa Arévalo
Vanessa Arévalo

Vanessa graduated from Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno in Argentina. She has broad experience in Peruvian cuisine, her specialty is fish and seafood, and she is well versed in meats and pastas. She has worked internationally in restaurants in Argentina, Panamá, Perú, Colombia and Costa Rica.

Yorleny Marín

Yorleny has been with us since our inception and is in charge of maintaining areas of the center clean and organized. Her commitment to ensuring our clients have a comfortable area to recover is filled with enthusiasm and positive energy. She supervises general housekeeping and laundry services.

Sonia Salgado
Sonia Salgado

Sonia ensures our clients enjoy a clean and inspiring space where they can practice their recovery program. Her positive energy makes our clients feel welcome and at home.