Frequently Asked Questions

Costa Rica Treatment Center is located in the upscale neighborhood of Rohrmoser in San Jose.

We offer 30, 60, 90 and 120-day programs in all areas of substance use disorder and addiction treatment.

Our dedicated team of licensed professionals specialize in treating adult men and women (ages 18 and above) with substance use disorder – addiction to alcohol and other drugs – and some co-occurring mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and others.

We do not work directly with insurance providers but we can provide you with detailed overview of our treatment services that can be presented to the health insurance providers for reimbursement.

Costa Rica Treatment Center offers some of the most affordable and effective treatment programs available. Our admissions team is always ready and willing to work closely with you to address your financial circumstance and achieve a payment plan that works for you.

Costa Rica Treatment Center offers a highly personalized treatment experience. The associated costs depend upon a number of issues, including but not limited to the specific nature of the problem(s) being treated, the amount of time you will need to remain in treatment, and the presence of any co-occurring disorders. Our all-inclusive programs generally start at $7,750 per month for double occupancy rooms and $11,350 per month for single occupancy rooms.

Yes, Costa Rica Treatment Center adheres to the highest international standards of professional care. The programs at Costa Rica Treatment Center have been duly reviewed and approved by the Institute of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction of Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Ministry of Health.

Yes. Our clinical team includes licensed mental health professionals, a clinical psychologist, a psychiatrist, a board-certified doctor, and other licensed professionals.

Yes. We are dual-diagnosis capable. We specialize in treating persons suffering from the primary disease of substance use disorder – alcoholism/chemical dependency/addiction. We also serve persons who, in addition to substance use disorder – alcoholism/chemical dependency, have also been diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

Costa Rica Treatment Center specializes in TSF (Twelve Step Facilitation) and is closely connected to the 12-step community. Meetings are held off-site everyday and clients are expected to attend meetings while in treatment. We also use a number of effective counseling modalities to help participants begin their recovery process. These approaches include CBT (Cognitive-Behavior Therapy), Person-Centered Therapies, Individual Therapies, Family Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Group Therapies, Discussion Groups, Meditation, Yoga and others.

The recommended length of stay at Costa Rica Treatment Center will vary based on the individual’s treatment plan. We offer variable lengths of stay directly based upon the treatment team’s assessment of an individual’s need and progress toward a participant’s completion of treatment plan goals. That said, studies have shown that the longer a person is exposed to treatment the better the results. We strongly recommend maintaining an open mind and committing to the process indefinitely.

Yes. We welcome family members as an integral part of the recovery process. Costa Rica Treatment Centers’ team will work with participants to determine family members who will be supportive of the recovery process. The family’s participation in Al-Anon groups is also encouraged.

All our patients are allowed to receive visitors after the first 7 days. You will receive a patient handbook with visiting instructions during your admission process at Costa Rica Treatment Center.

Yes. An important difference between Costa Rica Treatment Center and other drug rehab centers is that we apply a real-life pragmatic approach to treatment. This involves allowing patients to engage in the mainstream of life as specific recovery milestones are achieved.

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Yes. Patients may be tested on a random basis for both alcohol and other drugs. We reserve the right to conduct random drug screens based on suspicious behavior or as deemed necessary by the staff at Costa Rica Treatment Center.

Smoking is allowed outdoors in designated smoking areas only.

Cellphone use is restricted during your stay at Costa Rica Treatment Center.

Yes. We have a computer on-site that you may use. Computer use is restricted.

Patients are NOT permitted to bring a private vehicle

Radios are permitted in the rooms during hours that are not bothersome to roommates. Musical instruments without amplifiers are permitted if they are played at a reasonable level that does not affect other patients.

Yes. Patients are permitted to watch television and appropriate movies during designated hours. Patients are not allowed to have personal televisions.