Best drug & alcohol rehab programs in Costa Rica


The Inpatient Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs at Costa Rica Treatment Center requires the person to live at one of our two facilities. We employ a staff of highly trained physicians, psychiatrists, and qualified counselors to ensure our patients’ needs are met and that comfort is maintained throughout the entire treatment process. The length of stay will vary depending on the person but our main goal during the drug and alcohol treatment program is to establish a healthy and strong foundation for long-term sobriety that will allow our patients to enter a successful life in recovery.

Costa Rica Treatment Center provides a supportive environment through counseling and therapy sessions during the intensive inpatient residential treatment program and our numerous resources don’t end once treatment does. We understand the difficulties and challenges faced during this time and we are here to help you truly recover.

Clients in our intensive inpatient program receive 24-hour supervised and monitored care, daily therapeutic sessions, and access to beneficial, community support groups. Deciding to take control and enter a drug rehab facility can be scary and intimidating, however, our healthy and comfortable setting allows patients to recover with ease. Our staff guides you every step of the way to ensure success within the program. Our unique, individualized and fully accredited international treatment program includes a variety of methodologies including relapse prevention techniques that our patients carry with them after rehab so that when challenging situations arise, they have the necessary tools in place to overcome them.

As the person gradually navigates through the program and engages the recovery process we begin the process of gradual reintegration giving our patients the opportunity to begin experiencing life on life’s terms before they return home. Within our treatment philosophy we find this approach and application to be instrumental in our clients assuming responsibility over their condition and recovery.



Costa Rica Treatment Center’s inpatient residential treatment program addresses all the needs of our clients; mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually, to ensure a successful life.  Inpatient requires you to live at our facility during your treatment stay and there are many benefits associated with this form of treatment. For starters, allowing you or your loved one to break away from the toxic environment in order to reduce immediate distractions is extremely helpful during the treatment process.

One of the most important aspects of our program includes the connections developed while attending our inpatient residential treatment program. While at Costa Rica Treatment Center clients can expect a safe and inspiring environment to learn about themselves and others while having the space to practice their recovery. Our clients commonly experience a variety of meaningful connections during their stay with us. Our entire environment is designed for connection. Most become long-term friends of our local recovery community even though they may be from abroad.


Our drug and alcohol treatment services are administered through different levels of care, all individualized to meet our clients specific needs. Our intensive inpatient program is the next step after medically monitored detox. Each patient will be properly assessed before treatment begins to determine the development of their unique program. All our patient’s needs are met during their time at Costa Rica Treatment Center because we offer truly customized care.

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