We can all agree that abusing drugs can do you no good, so if you are hooked to these harmful and addictive substances or knows…

We can all agree that abusing drugs can do you no good, so if you are hooked to these harmful and addictive substances or knows someone who’s trapped by the downward spiral of drugs, it is important to take measures to stop using drugs as soon as possible. In order to do so, the first thing that you or your loved one will need to do is detox your body. This article will talk about the latest and newest drug detox methods available.

Detoxification, also known as detox, refers to the process of removing toxins and addictive substances from the body. It is important to understand that whether you regularly indulge in substance abuse, have developed a drug addiction or use drugs every now and then, toxins can stay inside the body for a long time. In all cases, detoxification is the first step to getting and staying clean. It is the process that allows your body to get rid of all the addictive substances.

During the detoxification process, you can expect to experience varied withdrawal symptoms. The severity of these symptoms will vary depending on multiple factors like the kind of drugs that were used, duration of substance abuse or addiction, the severity of the addiction, drug resistance of the body, etc. Based on these and many other factors, withdrawal symptoms may include the full spectrum ranging from almost nonexistent to severe enough to cause serious health conditions like nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, and even seizures.

The drug and alcohol detoxification process is different for everyone. Therefore, it is essential to know the right methods to detox your body effectively without posing any harm to your health. If you are ready for a detox, make sure to investigate different options and choose the one that works best for you. Scroll down to read about some of the most common drug and alcohol detox methods that are used nowadays to rid the body of deadly and addictive toxins.


In-patient Detox

In-patient detox is one of the most reliable and effective detox methods to cleanse your body of toxins and minimizes the chance of relapse or recurring use.  Whether you opt for an international detox center, specifically for detoxification or go to an addiction recovery center, in-patient detoxification programs will ensure you receive maximum assistance and 24/7 medical care. This makes it easier to go through the rather difficult stage of detoxification.

In-patient detoxification is ideal for patients with a severe case of addiction. With all the medical help and support at your disposal, you are likely to get through the detoxification process most effectively under the supervision of trained professionals. The medical experts will not only help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms but they will also guide you on how to deal with the underlying issues to minimize the probability of relapse.

Out-patient Detox

Out-patient detox is rare, but it works well for some people. While it is not as effective as an in-patient detox program, this kind of detoxification allows flexibility to the patients. At the same time, it puts more responsibility on the patient to remain abstinent from drugs.

This method of detoxification is a viable option for people with a mild substance abuse problem or a mild addiction. With regular check-ins and proper medical care, out-patient detox can be just as effective as other options but the patient must have a strong resolve to make it work. Keep in mind that if you opt for out-patient detox, you are more likely to come across triggers so be prepared to practice patience and controlling the cravings.

Opioid Detox

Opioid detox is different from most other types of detoxification processes because the nature of opioid addiction varies from conventional addictions. Some opioids are FDA approved substances that are prescribed daily by doctors to thousands of patients all over the world. The problem with these drugs is that if they are not carefully administered or if they are used for a prolonged period, they can develop a strong physiological and psychological addiction. By the time the patient realizes the problem, it’s already too late. What’s worse is that as time passes, the body develops tolerance and patients often start taking them in increased dosages. This makes the process of detoxification even more difficult.

Opioid or opiate detoxification needs to be closely supervised and medical protocols need to be administered by trained professionals to ensure best results. More often than not, varied medications are used to manage opioid dependence and withdrawal symptoms. The dosage is set by medical experts and is gradually lowered or tapered to make sure the withdrawal symptoms do not cause any long-lasting harmful effects on the patient, trauma or physical discomfort. It is advisable to always opt for an in-patient detox program when it comes to opioid or opiate detoxification process.

Cold-Turkey Detox

This method is one of the most dangerous detox approaches and should never be attempted without consulting an experienced doctor. Going cold turkey refers to entirely quitting the use of drugs all at once. This may work for tobacco and even cases of mild substance abuse but it not a recommended detox method for patients with severe addiction. It is important to understand that going cold turkey without proper medical supervision can have drastic effects. If the withdrawal symptoms are not managed, their severity can increase over time. This can do more harm than good in the long run.

Therefore, whatever you do, don’t attempt a cold-turkey detox method without consulting a medical expert. Only attempt this, if a trained and experienced doctor determines that you are viable candidate for this dramatic approach.

Short-term & Long-term Medicated Detox

Medicated detox involves the use of medicinal drugs to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. As the name suggests, short-term medicated detox programs involve a short-term medication plan or protocol. In long-term medicated detox program, the use of medicines may be used over an extended period. This will depend on tolerance and dependence. Only a trained and experienced doctor can decide the kind of medicated detox that will work for you taking into consideration your unique circumstances.

These are some of the most commonly used and newest drug detox methods. It is advisable to consult your doctor to find the one that will work the best for you.

At Costa Rica Treatment Center we consult our medical team to ensure each client receives the best detox program designed to meet their unique individual needs. For more information about our detox programs contact us today.

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