Riding the drug addiction train is a dangerous game. You never know when it will crash and injure you or worse, end your life. Finding…

Riding the drug addiction train is a dangerous game. You never know when it will crash and injure you or worse, end your life. Finding a reliable treatment center is the key when you’re trying to get off that train.

It is the most critical factor that can be the difference between getting the treatment you deserve and being pushed deeper down into the pit of addiction.

That being said, the cost of addiction treatment often plays a vital role in your decision. Thankfully, several rehabilitation centers offer free programs without compromising on the quality of treatment. You just need to keep a few important factors in mind while choosing a free drug rehabilitation program.

Here’s a complete guide on how to find free drug rehabilitation programs.

1. Get Yourself Assessed

Before you make up your mind that an in-patient rehabilitation facility is the best resort for you or your loved one, consult with an experienced physician or a drug addiction professional. A certified doctor will give you an evaluation and help you explore all your options.

2. Check the Specific Types of Drug Rehabilitation a Program Offers

Many drug rehabilitation programs offer treatment plans that have a special focus on different categories of drugs. Some facilities may specialize in opioid addiction treatment while others may focus on treating sedatives dependency.

Hence, it is crucial to research the specific types of drug rehabilitation a facility offers to make sure that you sign up for the right treatment. When the program is customized for the specific type of addiction you have, effective treatment follows.

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3. Make Sure That They Have Enough Resources

Oftentimes, people with drug addiction end up developing other mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. The initial assessment with a certified physician will clarify if you have any condition that may hinder drug addiction treatment.

When choosing a free drug rehabilitation program, you’ll have to see if they are equipped with the necessary resources based on your clinical condition. Many facilities offer the services of a counselor to handle dual-diagnosis cases. It’s always best to call the treatment center and inquire about each of the resources and services that their website claims they offer.

4. Find Out about Their Detoxification Therapy

You must understand that you may experience withdrawal symptoms once you stop using the drug you’re addicted to. Not to mention, the withdrawal phase proves to be a nightmare for many addicts. It’s never a pleasant experience when the body tries to cope up with the effects of not having the illicit substance in the system anymore. The uncomfortable symptoms may last from a few hours to a few days and sometimes, even weeks. The only way to fight these symptoms is by undergoing detoxification therapy.

Be aware that not all facilities offer detoxification services. Always choose one that has options to help addicts medically as well as their bodies become free of illicit substances. Lastly, don’t forget to ask questions regarding the detoxification therapy of a rehabilitation program. The more efficient the process is, the easier it will be for your body to learn how to function properly without the drug.

5. Check if They Use Medication

Would you want yourself or your loved one to have the option of treating drug addiction with prescription medications?

If yes, you’ll have to check if the free drug rehabilitation program that you’re choosing uses medications. Some facilities take the abstinence model approach to treat opioid dependency while others do offer medications. For example, many people struggling with heroin addiction find prescription medications, such as methadone and naltrexone extremely helpful in retaining them in the rehabilitation program.

6. Step in with an Open Mind

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One of the best pieces of advice you can get on how to find free drug rehabilitation programs is to step in with an open mind.

Many free drug rehabilitation programs combine different treatment forms to maximize effectiveness instead of just focusing on one specific course of treatment. When choosing a drug rehabilitation program, be ready to explore different treatment options. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, rehabilitation facilities may use the following types of therapy.

§  Medication Therapy

The reason why medication therapy works in most, if not all, cases is that drug dependency and addiction affects brain functions. Prescription medications are formulated to help addicts get back on the normal behavior track as well as to reduce their cravings and the risk of relapse.

§  Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy focuses on helping addicts follow the pattern of positive behaviors and attitudes regarding drug use. Offering healthy coping mechanisms, it teaches them to lead an addiction-free, happy life. Behavioral therapy can be conducted individually or in the form of family or group sessions.

7. Understand That Treatment May Take Time

Many people with drug addiction expect a full recovery within a month. While it may happen in some cases, many effective programs often take more time before they show positive results. The National Institute of Drug Abuse suggests that it takes as much as 90 days for a drug rehabilitation program to yield the best outcomes.

You must understand this and be prepared to stay determined throughout the process. Recovery from drug addiction is a complex process and it takes time.

8. Seek a Facility with a Track Record

One of the best tips you can get on how to find free drug rehabilitation programs is to prefer the results and methods of a facility over their claims. Ideally, an addiction treatment center should have profound experience in helping addicts lead a sober life.

Although you won’t be paying for the services, it’s your health and life that’s at risk when you’re choosing an incompetent facility that works on unethical or illegal business practices. Any treatment center with a proven track record will be able to treat patients like you.

9. Don’t Look for Guaranteed Success

Always remember that the free drug rehabilitation programs that guarantee success are lying. Making tall claims is a part of their marketing strategy and it has nothing to do with reality. The truth is, it’s impossible to guarantee success when it comes to treating drug addiction. It depends on whether the addict follows the treatment plan once they are released from the facility.

That being said, you should consider seeking free drug rehabilitation programs that offer continued support to addicts after the initial treatment at the facility.

More often then not though, with “free” rehabilitation centers the saying applies: “You get what you pay for!”. In this case rather: “You get what you don’t pay for.”

Looking for options is always a good starting point. There are very affordable options available, possibly even outside of your current environment.

The bottom line is that recovery from drug addiction is a lifelong, complicated process that warrants patience, determination, and a strong will. Now that you know how to find free drug rehabilitation programs, you can take the first step to an addiction-free life.

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