Finding An Accredited International Drug Rehab Finding a international drug rehab can be a really difficult task. Nowadays, people are swamped with information every day….

Finding An Accredited International Drug Rehab

Finding a international drug rehab can be a really difficult task. Nowadays, people are swamped with information every day. Most people in the United States searching for international drug rehabs or alcohol rehabs are not aware that Latin American Drug Rehabs must adhere to the highest standards of international addiction treatment services. Unfortunately, conventional marketing & advertising outlets restrict most centers from outside the U.S. from getting their services across to those who need it most. That said, some treatment centers in Latin America include programs that should be ranked among the best drug rehabs in the world.

Top Tier International Drug Rehab in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Treatment Center is without question no exception. At Costa Rica Treatment Center, we pride ourselves in offering the highest staff to patient ratio in the region at a fraction of the cost of most inpatient treatment programs in the U.S. Our individualized practice ensures that each client receives tailored services geared toward addressing each one of their unique needs. We go above and beyond the norm by connecting with our clients in a way that builds genuine lasting relationships and that in turn motivate continued change in our clients.

Top Tier International Drug Rehab in Costa Rica

Accredited & Licensed to meet the Highest Quality Healthcare Standards

Our drug addiction treatment professionals are comprised of the highest quality, licensed health care practitioners in the field of addiction treatment. All of them bring a unique set of skills, experience, knowledge and education to our client’s addictions treatment team. Unlike most drug and alcohol treatment centers in operation in the U.S, we help our clients design a treatment plan that makes sense to them not just to the clinical team. Far too often we hear our client’s express frustration with previous experiences – in which they were required to ‘fit the mold.’ We part from a different philosophy; our treatment center focuses on helping the client makes sense of their circumstance and find their own rhythm in recovery – a rhythm which will vary from person to person. After all, each life represents a unique set of external circumstances that need to be included when considering their individualized treatment plan.

Our addiction treatment programs have been approved and are fully accredited by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica and the National Institute for Alcoholism & Pharmacological Dependence. Our operations far exceed the standard for international health care practices.

Ministerio De Salud Costa Rica
Costa Rica Treatment Center 120 Day Guarantee

Unique Benefits to International Drug Rehab

As an international Drug Rehab, our location offers benefits to our clients that can’t be recreated elsewhere. First and foremost, it removes the user from his immediate toxic environment. But in addition, our scenic natural environment, which includes lush tropical rain-forest mountains & pristine beaches, is one factor that offers deep therapeutic value. We take full advantage of our location by regularly going on recreational adventures that teach our clients to engage their interpersonal skills, bond with their peers and connect with their most basic needs – experiencing life and all its wonders in a state of sobriety.

Nutrition – Meals & nutrition are another important factor we take very seriously. We understand that recovery requires a holistic approach – mind, body & spirit. Our nourishment is an essential part of the recovery process from drug and alcohol abuse. Fortunately, Latin America is internationally recognized for its vast array of fresh fruit and vegetables. As a Latin American drug rehab at Costa Rica Treatment Center, our two formally trained chefs offer our clients the freshest products perfectly executed in every meal we serve. Most of our products are locally sourced in Costa Rica (Central America) but all are procured in Latin America.

What About International Medical tourism?

Physical Fitness –   Alongside daily visits to the gym, as a Drug Rehab located in Latin America, we routinely take advantage of our steep mountains which make for great hiking adventures. Our hiking tours helps our clients connect with the local English-speaking recovery community while strengthening their physical condition.

Many people travel abroad for medical tourism to reduce the cost of treatment. Addiction treatment centers in Latin America fall into that same medical health category but most medical tourism directories include only other healthcare services.

The reality is that most drug rehabs in Latin America offer a great value proposition comparable to similar options in the United States and Canada. Programs will vary from center to center.

Costa Rica Treatment Center offers all-inclusive drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs starting as low as $4950.00 per month for the highest quality of individualized addiction treatment services. Standardized programs in the United States and Canada range upwards of $18,000 for 30 days of inpatient residential treatment. The choice is clear. Call us now to find out more about our program.

Individual Addiction Treatment Services

We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact via email at, or call us toll-free at 1-800-708-3656, locally in Costa Rica at 506-4033-7830.

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