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drug and alcohol rehab for under $5000


Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are expensive. This is what the majority thinks. Due to this preconceived notion, many addicts resist pursuing treatment and even those considering rehab are more concerned about its cost than the results it will yield for them.

Understanding the Cost of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We need to understand that the cost of rehab is little compared to the medical and social costs of avoiding treatment.

According to a Surgeon General’s report of 2016, approximately 21 million Americans are struggling with addiction and have a substance use disorder. Ironically, only 10% of these addicts receive proper treatment. it’s noteworthy that many of them didn’t go to rehab because they thought it was too expensive for them to afford.

That being said, you must know that the cost of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs tends to vary from facility to facility depending on the level of care they provide to patients.

4 Factors That Affect the Rehab Cost

The following factors play an important role in determining the cost of drug and alcohol rehabilitation at an addiction treatment center.

1. The Length Of The Treatment Program

The length of the treatment program typically depends on the severity of your addiction and your goals with rehab. Additionally, the way your body responds to the treatment may also affect the program’s length.

Most addiction treatment programs end between 21 to 90 days. However, some may continue for up to 180 days. As common sense says, the longer your treatment program is, the higher the total cost will be.

2. The Type Of Treatment Program

You must have heard about different types of treatment programs. Generally, residential and inpatient treatment programs are more expensive than outpatient programs. In the former, the patient receives 24/7 on-site care and support from highly trained professionals, after all! Just so you know, the average total cost of an outpatient program is only a fraction of what a typical inpatient service costs.

3. The Type Of Amenities Provided

The cost of rehab also depends on the type of amenities an addiction treatment center offers. You must have heard that some facilities offer special amenities and services, such as professional chef-cooked meals and private, luxurious rooms. Some treatment centers even have a fitness gym and laundry facilities. Generally, the more amenities a facility provides, the higher it charges for alcohol and drug rehab.

4. The Location

The location of the treatment center also affects the total cost of rehab. A facility that stands near the beach or on a peaceful mountaintop will obviously cost more than the one located in an office building or former residential property. Simply put, the more luxuries a facility offers, the more money it will ask for.

Pros and Cons

Celebrating recovery publicly certainly has some positive benefits.  Announcing the arrival of clean time and other recovery related achievements can generate encouragement, reassurance and validation.  Talking about your recovery with people outside of recovery circles can help create an additional layer of accountability and frankly there’s nothing inherently wrong with celebrating your life’s accomplishments.

Finally, and I think probably most importantly, bringing recovery out of the dark recesses of church basements can significantly help reduce the stigma attached to both addiction and recovery, which is probably the greatest singular upside to speaking publicly about your struggles and your solutions.

Unfortunately, there are also a myriad of potential negatives consequences that can come from celebrating recovery publicly and most of them are not all that easy to see coming.

Identifying as an addict or as a person in recovery carries significant baggage, both historic and cultural.  And like it or not, you carry significant historical and cultural baggage.  You have a history and not all of it is perceived as ‘celebratory’ to many of the people who’ve been negatively affected by your past behavior.  Those folks may not be all that keen to celebrate your newfound joy.

We also know that our behavior is not always driven by the purest of motives and it’s often very difficult for us to see the true motivation behind our actions.  Many of us are masters of mixed messaging, sarcasm, irony and other passive aggressive communication which when combined with the inherent impulsivity of the addictive personality leaves us vulnerable to putting the proverbial foot in our mouths.

Social media provides the perfect environment for impulsivity to meet up with need for approval, shake hands with projection, hang out with rejection (just read the ‘comments’ section of your latest sobriety post) and have a cigarette with our old buddies expectationpeople pleasing and self-sabotage.  An unforeseen receipt for disaster.

Why I Chose Anonymity

The issue I see with the very nature of many sobriety posts is that they are individual in nature instead of collective.  It’s a lot of me and not much we.  You see it’s impossible for me to accurately summarize how many people are responsible for having gotten me where I am today.  It’s literally millions of small conversations, interactions, lessons, nudges, discussions, meetings, suggestions, comments, hugs, pushes, books read, and a million other ‘connections with another human being’ that have propelled me to evolve where I am to today.  As such the enormity of personal evolution can’t be conveyed in a 180-character post.

Is it Possible to Get Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Under $5000?

Now comes the burning question: Is it really possible to get drug and alcohol rehab for under $5000?

Well, in a word, YES!

While there’s no fixed cost of rehab, it is better represented with a range. Addiction treatment centers in Costa Rica offer various rehab programs that can cost anywhere from $3000 to $10,000. That being said, the majority of the treatment centers in the U.S. offer basic facilities, including a patient room with an ordinary bed, bathroom, television, and a corner for personal belongings. At some treatment centers, you can even share a room with one or more patients to cut down your total cost of rehab.

That being said, having health insurance may be an added benefit, as some treatment centers do accept private insurance. Your insurance plan may not cover all the costs of your drug and alcohol rehab program. However, it’ll likely pay for your detox treatment, withdrawal symptoms treatment, and psychological counseling for substance use disorder. Please note that most of the insurance plans don’t support inpatient services. So, you might have to opt for an outpatient treatment program if you’re seeking low-cost treatment.

You should also know that the average cost of an outpatient treatment program is $1400 per month but depending on the number and kind of amenities provided there, you may have to pay as much as $10,000 on a monthly basis.

Costa Rica Treatment Center is an Affordable Option

Costa Rica Treatment Center is one of the best and most affordable options for rehab in Costa Rica where you can get drug and alcohol rehab for under $5000. Our services start from as low as $4950 per month. We truly understand that opting for rehab takes a lot of courage and money. This is why we offer the combined advantage of affordable rehab programs and expert treatment.

We have a team of highly trained and experienced addiction experts who will help you at every step of your rehab journey. They will come up with a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs, condition, and preferences to guarantee the successful completion of the treatment program. Not only this, they will provide you with a detailed post-treatment plan to ensure that you maintain sobriety even after your discharge from the facility. They will also coach your family and loved ones regarding your withdrawal symptoms and guide them for taking care of you after discharge.

Furthermore, we offer our patients the opportunity to connect with an expert over the phone for aftercare advice to help them break the vicious cycle of addiction. The bottom line is that your cost of drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be determined by your condition as well as the level of care and support you require. Get in touch with us to get an affordable quote today to start climbing the ladder of sobriety tomorrow!