Recovery is only successful when one is equipped with the right tools and abilities to manage daily life after rehab. Meaning Rehab is Recovery! Let’s…

Recovery is only successful when one is equipped with the right tools and abilities to manage daily life after rehab. Meaning Rehab is Recovery!

Let’s face it. Getting clean is not an easy task. This is the reason why Costa Rica Treatment Center teaches to really live and enjoy life without using alcohol or drugs.

What better way to get out and about and use the many unique possibilities this country has to offer.

Here are our top 7 trips and activities we have done in the past:

1. Beach Hopping

Costa Rica is just full of gorgeous beaches and you can find beaches of all characteristics: dark sand, white sand, turquoise waters, clear waters, etc. All the beaches come with their own activities like surfing, snorkeling and diving, massages on the beach, boat tours and so forth.

Beach Hopping costa rica treatment center

2. Volcanoes

The country has more than 60 volcanoes that are considered extinct or inactive, in addition to six others that are still active. The most famous of Costa Rica’s volcanic giants is Arenal, located in the north of the country. It towers over the stunning surrounding landscape, including the plantations that grow some of the world’s finest coffee. The volcano’s symmetrical conical shape is the classic image we all have of a volcano. The area around Arenal is an ideal base for adventure tourism, such as hiking, horseback riding, and hot springs, among other activities.

3. Zip-lining and other outdoor activities

In Costa Rica more than a quarter of area is covered in rain-forests and Zip-lining is one of the best outdoor activity to enjoy discovering the enchanting ecosystems of this country. This popular activity can be enjoyed throughout the country but the best places you will find in Monteverde cloud forest and close to the Arenal volcano. This country offers a number of zip-line courses that fly over beaches, through treetops and across canyons. While flying from one tree to another you will enjoy watching the breathtaking views of the rain-forest. People who are scared of heights, they can try the zip-line that are not so high and long and choose the short small and short canopy tours. Adventure seekers can enjoy the kilometer long cables and experience thrilling adventure.

4. Coffee and Fruit plantations

Costa Rica has many farms and plantations showing the true meaning of farm-to-table. With the main international exports being coffee, pineapples and bananas. Getting a behind the scenes at the unique growing, cultivation and processing workflow can open ones eye to understand more about the food manufacturing industry.

Coffee and Fruit plantations costa rica treatment center

5. National Parks

Currently there are 28 National Parks in Costa Rica. All of these are protected areas with more than 25% of the countries total land being protected. Three of those parks ore UNESCO world heritage sites. All of those parks have a lush landscape and a thriving animal population. To name some examples, like the Monteverde Cloud Forest with its misty clouds is renowned for its unique micro-climate and bird watching. In contrast there is the Corcovado National Park which has been dubbed one of the most instense biologically places on earth with its thick rainforest and abundant wildlife.

National Parks costa rica treatment center

6. Colonial points of interest

In 1502 Columbus arrived in Costa Rica. Soon after it became a province of New Spain in 1524. For the next 300 years, Costa Rica was a colony of Spain. During this period the country was greatly influenced by European culture. This can still be seen in many parts, from very old buildings, whole towns, ways of handling business or other things that became ingraved into the Costa Rican culture.

7. Waterfalls

The waterfalls of Costa Rica astound all types of travelers and locals alike, being one of the most photographed natural formations in this visually stunning country. It is simply amazing seeing water fall from the canopy of the rain-forest into a basin at the bottom of a cliff. Combining this with a hike through heat of the tropical forest the created pools can serve as a welcome possibility for a quick swim to cool down.

Waterfalls costa rica treatment center

Costa Rica Treatment Center offers you the best that Costa Rica has to offer while keeping your process exciting. Our programs and rehab experience has been designed that way.

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