Costa Rica Treatment Center recognizes joy, exploration, relaxation, and connection with nature as essential components of the healing process. Although we emphasize educating our clients on addiction science and recovery principles, we have also incorporated a series of adventures and activities designed to reignite our clients’ ability to experience and explore a new vision of life.


Costa Rica Treatment Center’s clinical team takes into consideration the importance of developing and experiencing a life worth living; not just talking about it. Our clients are exposed to enriching treatment experiences crafted by our highly qualified clinical team, setting our program apart from any other currently available. As part of our therapeutic treatment program, we offer our clients the opportunity to embark on a diverse range of adventure trips that surpass their previous experiences.


Adventure therapy is a form of experiential therapy that involves various types of experiences, often outdoors.While certain adventure therapy activities at Costa Rica Treatment Center may be conducted indoors, the majority of them take place within the natural environment of Costa Rica.

Our clients partake in an array of activities, including hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, fishing, and games. Through adventure therapy, participants are encouraged to take calculated risks and explore personal challenges within a secure and supportive environment, guided by mental health professionals.

Here is a preview of the weekly adventures our clients can anticipate during their stay at CRTC.

Organic Farm + Trout Fishing

Nestled On The Gentle Slopes Of Irazu Volcano

Don Jorge provides CRTC’s clients with the opportunity to learn his unique organic farming techniques along with the preparation of a world class lunch pulled straight from the ground and from his pond. A relaxing day in nature, a true farm to table meal and if we’re lucky, chess lessons from Don Jorge who is a national ranked Costa Rican chess player.

Beach Day

One of our former clients grants us access to his beautiful hotel located on one of the most visited beaches in Costa Rica. Our clients surf, boogie, throw frisbee, swim or relax pool side as we spend a day refreshing our minds and bodies. Costa Rica Treatment Center is different to most rehabs. Our evidence-based treatment program was developed by a team of recovered addicts and alcoholics with experience helping others overcome the disease.

Farm Day

Client Favorite!

Located 30 minutes from CRTC, this organic chicken farm turned retreat provides CRTC clients with a day of pool, spectacular views and killer food as our very own grill

Coffee Plantation Day

Located About 1 Hr From CRTC

Our clients spend the day touring a coffee plantation, walking through and learning the entire coffee production process. We then spend the afternoon enjoying a lunch on the picnic grounds of this historic coffee plantation.

Jungle Hike – Farm

On this trip, the clients who choose to accept the physical challenge hike through the forests outside of Cuidad Colon, to the top of a mountain where they experience panoramic views of the western slope of the Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Those who prefer to relax, spend the day at a local horse retreat where they take gentle walks through nature and sip local coffees.


Forest Bathing

Led by our Certified Forest Bathing technician, Manuela Sigfreid, CRTC’s clients are led through the forest in a series of invitations designed to significantly reduce our over stimulated nervous systems and help remind us of our essential relationship with nature.

Poas Adventure

An early morning start gets our group up to the top of Poas Volcano where if we are lucky, we get a full view of the volcano in its active state. We later travel to La Paz Waterfall Gardens, where our clients jump in the water and enjoy the sounds of tropical waterfalls. A full lunch at a local eatery rounds up this stimulating adventure.

Virgin Rainforest Camp

Outside of the bustling city of San Ramon rests an adventure camp where our clients spend the day hiking, swimming in natural and man-made ponds, going down water slides, trampolines and water swings. Archery, rope climbing and mountain biking adventures are also available for the more adventurous spirits. All of this takes place in the mountainous region between San Ramon and Arenal in pristine virgin rainforests. Buckle up! This one is a doozie.

Lancaster Gardens

Located in Cartago, this trip is 100% relax, enjoy nature and perhaps, learn a thing or two about the enormous variety of orchids and other local and exotic flowers living on this beautifully manicured and internationally recognized garden. We tour the grounds, learn a little and enjoy a stress-free picnic.

Museum Day

On days when the weather isn’t cooperating with us, we take our clients on the Costa Rican National Museum where they take a tour through the history of Costa Rica, from pre-colonial to present times. We grab a killer lunch at the Kung Pow Chinese Spot near the National Museum.


At Costa Rica Treatment Center, beyond addressing the obvious symptoms our dedicated multidisciplinary team offers you a holistic evidence-based treatment program focused on healing underlying issues resulting in addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Our accredited international drug rehabilitation center brings you the highest staff to patient ratio in the region at the most affordable price. Costa Rica Treatment Center’s bilingual addiction treatment team is comprised of highly qualified professionals specialized in addictions treatment with an impressive track record.

Isla Tortuga

Every once in awhile we pull this one off! A trip to the exotic Isla Tortuga where our clients relax on white sand beaches or swim in the ocean or go out snorkeling with the guide.

Pacuare Rafting Adventure

Pack a lunch – this trip is not for the faint of heart. Beginning under the cover of darkness, our journey out to Limon begins with a stop outside of Turrialba for a big breakfast. Within an hour we are loaded onto boats and begin the 6-hour, sun-soaked excursion down the Pacuare River where we meet level 4 and 5 rapids along with a swim in the canyon and riverside lunch. Then it’s back over the Zurqui National Park and home to crash and recovery from the wild ride.

Corcovado National Park

Regarded by the National Geographic Society as “one of the most biologically intense environments on Earth”, Corcovado National Park provides our clients with a unique adventure therapy expedition complete with 12 step meetings in a private haven of serenity that will unquestionably leave a mark. Located in the heart of Costa Rica’s stunning Osa Peninsula, this unique experience is meant to connect our clients with Costa Rica’s natural environment, their peers and themselves.

Nestled in the Southern Osa Peninsula, Corcovado National Park boasts more than 39 kilometers of beaches, rich in biodiversity. Clients may observe some 6,000 insects, 500 trees, 367 birds, 140 mammals, 117 amphibians and reptiles, and a plethora of freshwater fish species. Corcovado park is widely considered one of the world’s most important sources for future knowledge about rainforest ecosystems and conservation, protecting the largest remaining expanse of primary rainforest on the Pacific coast of Central America.

Clients can expect to experience a richly biodiverse scene where they will get the chance to observe indigenous animal species in their natural uninterrupted environment including jaguars, pumas, whales, dolphins, monkeys, and many more. Clients are taken on a deep-sea fishing expedition meant to help them engage with fun sober activities and daily meetings are conducted oceanside.

Thermal Hot Springs

Located an hour and twenty minutes from our facility, CRTC clients enjoy a day dipping into 4 different pools of thermal hot spring water. Known for its healing properties this trip is designed to further heal the physical and mental damage caused by addition.