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Success in Drug Rehab involves Trusting the Right Process

At Costa Rica Treatment Center we strongly believe in our unique holistic approach of “4 PHASES in 1 EXPERIENCE”, setting us apart from other international rehab centers by enabling us to better prepare our clients for lasting recovery. Don’t take our word for it though; below are a few comments and testimonials from our recent clients.

What our clients have to say

The first time I told my son’s story to Gernot, the visionary owner of CRTC, he told me, “I am blown away by how much your son wants to get well.” The traditional approach to rehab in the US was not working. Twice he had been through the 30-day revolving door between recovery and relapse. We decided to take a leap of faith into a different approach. CRTC is a beautiful accommodation in an upscale suburb. My son successfully completed their 4-month program. He credits his ongoing recovery to their wholistic and creative approach; their caring staff; the personalized attention; the homelike atmosphere; the physical distance from his old haunts; the trips into natural settings like beaches and forests; the routine; the classes, and the counseling sessions and meetings. Regular yoga classes and gym workouts also helped bring him back home to his body. He has experienced a profound transformation due to his experiences there. Gernot truly has a heart, passion, and a gift for recovery work. His center helped jump my son back into life by strengthening his journey to save his own life. They encouraged his promise, empowered him by holding him accountable, and cared for him when he was unable to care for himself. I will remain eternally grateful to Gernot and every staff member at CRTC for never giving up on my beloved son and for giving him a second chance at life.

I definitely recommend CRTC for recovery. They have a holistic addiction treatment approach; their methodology is a balanced mix of therapy, mental health education, occupational therapy and one on one counseling. You get to go out to the gym everyday – with a chaperone – and you get yoga class every other day on top of it. The food and beds are really good for a rehab center; and you get great Costa Rican coffee all mornings. They very emphatic about your condition, of course they’re gonna take out of your comfort zone, just not in a humiliating way. They are not miracle workers, but did provide me with the right tools to gain control over my life.

I will start out by writing that the Costa Rica Treatment Center has saved my life…I was at rock bottom. Robert and Eric came and picked me up in Jaco, in very bad shape, and they persistently, lovingly, gently, firmly, medicinally, therapeutically, turned me back around, cared for me taught me, changed me…I lived here for one month, and just felt safe and secure. They slowly brought me back to good health. I have grown spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and can never repay what has been given to me. From Gernot and Maggie (owners of this beautiful home), Robert (administrator, jefe) full of life and play but very disciplined, Eric (assistant manager, wonderful strong, positive, caring energy), Arturo ( Yoga instructor, who gave me daily 5 am classes, with meditation, and a chef), Donia Sonya ( housekeeping), Sheila(psychotherapist), Diego and Marianna(psychologists), Diego (MD), and other persons, in Recovery, who will remain anonymous, who have given their time and advice, and lent an ear to me…I feel this is the best place for you, if you are struggling with an addiction that is out of your control. They just “know” here, how it feels, they understand, without judgement, and their goal is to help you manage your addiction, and move forward into a good life full of purpose, kindness and happiness…This home is beautiful, spacious, room for togetherness and privacy, serene, alcoves, patios, gardens, my room was so cozy, I was able to get much needed rest. I will continue to keep Costa Rica Treatment Center a part of my life, with much gratitude to all of you for returning me to the old, and new Allison…very, very thankful…

I will forever be grateful for CRTC and the staff! I contacted CRTC approximately 10 times prior to flying from Oklahoma to San Jose and my calls and questions were always answered. I finally made my mind up to go and I could not have made a better choice for treatment! The facility itself is very nice, the food was great and the staff awesome. I decided to go outside of the limited places my insurance would pay (I have V.A. healthcare) and CRTC was very affordable. CRTCs holistic approach coupled with other treatment modalities to include A.A. and N.A. gave me the tools I needed for recovery. I highly recommend CRTC to anyone looking for treatment! Thank you to the entire staff!

I am a 63 year old woman. When I came to Costa Rica Treatment Center I probably weighed 89 pounds. I had no desire to live for weeks. I couldn’t get out of bed. As soon as I was able to get up, the staff began giving me nutritional drinks to get the poison out of my system. They would talk to me at 4 in the morning when I couldn’t get the idea of getting high out of my head. Eventually I started eating and was served 3 nutritional prepared meals a day. The talks never stopped. All of my needs were met. There was never a cross word spoken. The staff that nurtured me consisted of a medical M.D. a behavioral health specialist and life coach woman, 2 psychologists social worker a house manager,a wonderful cleaning woman, and the boss.The treatment received here is thorough and rounded. I now weigh 110 pounds have been schooled in A.A. and N.A. meetings. I’m looking forward to a new life. I am so very thankful.

Great experience. Everything I needed. A safe place, calm and tranquil. Very spacious and and comfortable, lots of areas to relax, read or meditate. The groups of men and women with years of sobriety, AA and NA meetings helped me to open my eyes, find myself and spirituality… I’m back! Ready to truly live and enjoy life. Thank you to everyone at the center and groups. Thank to my sponsor. I’m so grateful.

It has been two years since Tony Feeney and Paola took me from a long time addiction to sobriety. (This was my 3rd attempt). Whenever I feel a trigger, I think about them and ask “what would Tony and Paola say?” The thought of needing recovery is distasteful for most of us, but thi stime it worked for me. Highly recommend these professionals and Costa Rica Treatment Center. Give it a try- sobriety is not easy but it is something to take pride in.

High end accommodation and peaceful environment and most importantly real results with help of professionals and true willingness it is worth every penny.

We consider ourselves fortunate to participate in the recovery process of our clients.
We hope you will give yourself a chance, take action and join us.