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Our unique drug & alcohol rehabilitation program is licensed and accredited by the Institute of Alcoholism and Pharmacological Dependence and the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica.

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4 Phases 1 Experience

Medical Detox Program

On arrival at the treatment center, the attending physician conducts a full medical check-up and develops a complete drug and alcohol detox plan, if required.

During the drug and alcohol detox phase our focus is to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms by making the client comfortable and cleansing the body from all chemicals and toxins.

This process is essential and medical supervision is always required as withdrawal symptoms can result in excruciating physical pain and depending on the severity of the case may even result in death.

We provide the necessary assistance to ensure the client’s safety and comfort at all times during this process.


The client meets with their assigned treatment team including a clinical psychologist, therapists, addiction counselor, recovery mentor, spiritual mentor, and occupational therapist to discuss the client’s history and treatment needs in detail. Considering the clients individual case, a personalized treatment plan is developed, outlined and explained.

During this phase, our focus is to unveil the underlying issues and ensure the client becomes fully aware of harmful cognitive patterns, attitudes, and behaviours that result in drug addiction and alcoholism.

We make sure the client is educated on the disease of addiction and alcoholism and begin to introduce evidence-based therapies.

At this stage of the development process, the client starts to shift from self-centeredness, entitlement, victimisation, and dishonesty toward an attitude of gratitude and responsibility.

We ensure the client receives a combination of treatment methodologies throughout the day including group therapies, individual therapies, educational lectures, addiction counselling, spiritual development sessions, physical activity and a well-balanced nutritional plan.


During this stage of the program clients are afforded more liberties and required to assume a proactive attitude toward their recovery.

We begin shifting the responsibility back to the client and carefully monitor the client decision-making skills. This phase gives our clinical staff the non-communicative information needed to determine the concepts have been thoroughly absorbed throughout the previous treatment stages and expose areas that still require some work.

At this point in the development process, we begin focusing on the reintegration stage and defining a program of action that works for the client. We help on restoring the client’s relationships with people, places and things and focus a great deal on building self-esteem and self-respect.


During the final phase, the responsibility is shifted entirely unto the client and our focus becomes the complete reintegration into the mainstream of life.

We give clients the freedom to develop their own vision of sustainable recovery. They are encouraged to develop a healthy daily routine and work the program in a way that suits them.

During this phase of treatment, the clinical team monitors the clients progress closely and conducts ongoing assessments to ensure steady improvement.

Studies show that by integrating this essential part into the overall treatment program the possibility of achieving lasting sobriety increases exponentially.

Why Costa Rica Treatment Center?

Most people that attend treatment centers are sheltered from external stimulus, isolated from people, places and things, and kept on lock down for the duration of their stay. People often show amazing progress while in treatment but struggle maintaining their sobriety when they leave.

Our treatment model combines the benefits of inpatient residential treatment with the complete reintegration focus of a sober living environment.

We offer a fully comprehensive treatment program in one single experience.

Our clients work through their difficulties and are afforded liberties as they meet specific recovery milestones. Unlike conventional treatment centers, at Costa Rica Treatment Center our clients are required to assume responsibility over their recovery process.

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We have found this better prepares our clients to achieve lasting sobriety when they leave.

We believe the only way to effectively treat drug and alcohol addiction is to look beyond the obvious symptoms, identify the source of the problem, and focus on continued healing of the mind, body and spirit. Though we employ a multidisciplinary team, we apply a simple solution to a complex problem and utilize the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as the basis of our entire clinical program.

Our major difference is that we are clear on what is absolutely necessary to build a solid foundation for lasting recovery versus what is merely complimentary to the process. Our focus is on providing only what is essential to the recovery process of the client while they are here. We try not to distract or overwhelm the client with non-essential information or concepts.

Each stage has been carefully developed by a team of recovered addicts and alcoholics in combination with a team of highly skilled mental health professionals with extensive experience treating addiction and alcoholism.

Why Drug rehab in Costa Rica?

Traveling abroad to receive treatment is an effective way to remove the client from toxic environments, negative influences and dangerous situations resulting from alcohol and drug addiction.

Having carefully considered various countries it became evident that Costa Rica offered the most benefits in the region. Among these is the emphasis that Costa Rican government places on proper accreditation for health care service providers.

Costa Rican law requires treatment centers undergo evaluation and obtain approval from the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Alcoholism and Pharmacological Dependency (IAFA) thereby ensuring operational adherence to the strictest standards of professional care. In addition, Costa Rica has become one of the most sought-after travel destinations for its climate, biodiversity and nature exploration possibilities.


At Costa Rica Treatment Center, as part of the treatment experience we take advantage of our natural surroundings by taking our clients on field trips to nature filled destinations where we give them the opportunity to experience outdoor sober fun activities. We believe that Costa Rica’s scenic setting offers rich therapeutic value.

Although Costa Rica offers world-class beaches and mountain areas, we purposely chose to locate our drug treatment center in the heart of the upscale city of Rohrmoser. Our location gives us access to all major hospitals and emergency care services. Most importantly, we believe the client is best served when they are surrounded by a strong recovery community. Costa Rica Treatment Center is located only minutes away from English speaking AA and NA meetings. Attending Costa Rica Treatment Center is the best decision you or your loved one will ever make!

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We consider ourselves fortunate to participate in the recovery process of our clients.
We hope you will give yourself a chance, take action and join us.