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Welcome to Costa Rica Treatment Center’s blog about addiction and recovery, featuring a monthly mix of breaking news, exclusive interviews, personal stories, staff articles and blogs on sober living, lifestyle and cultural resources, as well as knowledge and wisdom from our expert clinical staff. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction feel free to read through some of our articles; it may help you get a better understanding of drug addiction or alcoholism. We hope this blog helps to serve you.

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Do You Self-Medicate Depression, Anxiety, and Stress? Self-Medication: A Current Challenge

Do You Self-Medicate Depression, Anxiety, and Stress? Self-Medication: A current challenge in our Society To change your mood, face your anxieties, or deal with uncomfortable emotions, do you drink or use drugs? There are healthier ways to deal with challenges and boost your mood than self-medication. What does it mean to self-medicate? Many of us

Deadly Opioid Epidemic Overshadowed By Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Opioid Epidemic Overshadowed By Global COVID-19 Pandemic Celebrating Thanksgiving the last time, the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 exceeded 267,000. The rapid rise in COVID-19 cases during the “third spike” had most country officials urging the public to take precautions. Also, pharmaceutical companies were increasingly adamant about offering a vaccine that would receive emergency FDA

Taking The Self-Blame Out Of Recovery

Recovering from addiction comes with its own hoard of challenges, and self-blame is one menace many people encounter during their recovery journey. Falling into a pit of self-blame can place many hindrances in the recovery process. Empathy, compassion, and patience go a long way and can make all the
binge drinking

The Escalating Problem of Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking is a Serious Health Hazard Binge drinking has become a vital problem in the United States and the rest of the world. This habit of binge drinking is majorly common in young adults. Alcohol is already a dangerous drug and increasing its consumption can lead to serious health consequences. The Vulnerable Groups for
Things People Recovering from Addiction Wish You Knew

7 Things People Recovering from Addiction Wish You Knew

What People Recovering from Addiction Wish You Knew: For many people out there, substance addiction was an uninvited guest that barged into their lives and refused to leave. We have witnessed people working hard to make sense of the reasons that led them to substance addiction
travel requirements passport

Costa Rica Opens Borders to Travelers – Travel Requirements for Tourists to Enter Costa Rica

UPDATE 23rd of October 2020: COVID-19 Test Removed From Entry Requirements. This October the 22nd, authorities announced that they are going to eliminate the negative coronavirus test requirement for foreign tourists. The Minister of Tourism declared
identity crisis of addiction

The Identity Crisis of Addiction

Am I an actor acting in this game of life? We Can’t Go Home Again was an experimental feature film from the early 1970’s in which each of the characters played a fictional version of themselves. This brilliant concept was later copied by the reality shows of the late 90’s

Understanding EMDR in Addiction

The following article explains the two main approaches done in Costa Rica Treatment Center by the EMDR therapist. Our high recovery percentage is thanks to the application not only of a 12 Step Program, but the implementation of psychotherapy for trauma related events in the addicted
drug and alcohol rehab center corona virus

How one drug and alcohol rehab center in Costa Rica has responded to the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of people and businesses across the world. The Costa Rica Treatment Center, an alcohol and drug rehab facility located in the upscale San José neighborhood of Rohrmoser, is no different. Ever since the Costa Rican

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