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Drug detoxification
25 Oct

Newest Drug Detox Methods

NEWEST DRUG DETOX METHODS We can all agree that abusing drugs can do you no good, so if you are hooked to these harmful and addictive substances or knows someone who’s trapped by the downward spiral of drugs, it is important to take measures to stop using drugs as soon as possible. In order to

Psychotherapy Session
13 Oct

Psychotherapy? How Exactly Does It Work?

TALK THERAPY? HOW EXACTLY DOES IT WORK? “So how exactly does this work? I talk; you listen? Is that … it?” This was one of the first (and many) times that a patient had been outspoken about his doubts and hesitations regarding psychotherapy. Of course, that’s not it. Nevertheless, his question points out one true

Addiction recovery
11 Oct

How to Stop Using Drugs and Alcohol

HOW TO STOP USING DRUGS AND ALCOHOL We all know that there is no upside to drug and alcohol abuse. However, according to research, there were around 164 million people around the world who abused drugs or alcohol in 2016. This number has only increased over the years and, as a result, excessive use of

Drug overdose
09 Oct

What Is Addiction?

WHAT IS ADDICTION? It’s the most popular question asked in our discussion groups. Each time people come up with their ideas and concepts on how to define addiction. Some call it a habit, while others label it as a psychological disease. Once someone quoted Milton to explain addiction, and that nuanced take really struck a

Say no to smoking
05 Oct

How to Stop Smoking

HOW TO STOP SMOKING We all know the health risks associated with smoking. Sometimes, the warning label is printed right on the pack of cigarettes. However, it doesn’t make it any easier to quit the habit for good. According to a report issued by the World Health Organization, the tobacco epidemic is one of the

Talking to an addict
04 Oct

7 Things You Can Do to Help an Addict

HOW TO HELP AN ADDICT Do you know someone who suffers from addiction? Are you wondering how to support them without becoming an enabler? Should you just send them off to a residential treatment program near you? These and many other questions run through your mind when you know an addict. It doesn’t matter what