Every aspect of our drug rehab center was mindfully developed to complement our treatment philosophy. Our facility is no exception.

When considering the possibilities of where to establish Costa Rica Treatment Center, we chose a location that gives us access to major infrastructure including emergency rooms, hospitals and intensive care units. After all, we value the safety of our clients above everything else. However, in addition to this, we also considered our treatment model.

At the forefront of Costa Rica Treatment Center’s treatment model lies the fundamental understanding that clients will at some point go back to the “real world.” Our location gives us the ability to offer clients the opportunity to engage with the “real world” while receiving quality care. We find this better prepares them for future reintegration into society.

Our drug treatment facility gives us the ability to apply greater flexibility and the much-needed observation of our client’s behaviors as they navigate through the process of recovery in a real-world setting. The use of our center’s location as an instrumental part of our treatment approach is what sets us apart from most conventional drug and alcohol treatment centers.


Costa Rica Treatment Center seamlessly incorporates the needs of a top addiction treatment center with the feeling of being at home. Every area of the drug rehab center is carefully designed to create a truly welcoming and inspiring environment. Recovery from drug addiction promises a life beyond our wildest dreams, we feel our drug rehab facility should mimic this promise.

We believe in maintaining our occupancy level low to ensure maximum client comfort and create a more intimate environment for our clients to recover. Last but not least, Costa Rica Treatment Center is located only minutes away from the nearest 12 step meetings which provide the benefit of promoting healthy connections with members of AA and NA. Interaction with people in recovery is an essential part of building a lasting foundation in recovery.

Our Amenities Include:

  • TV rooms
  • Beautifully appointed living areas
  • Private counseling rooms
  • Fully equipped classroom
  • Private courtyards
  • Lush tropical gardens
  • Yoga & meditation Area
  • Nearby grocery stores

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