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Fiorella Batalla
16 Dec


Fiorella Batalla is a leading clinical psychologist, developmental coach, and certified trainer. With more than 22 years of experience, Fiorella is committed to treating each person using a holistic approach. She focuses on helping her patients understand the psychosomatic significance of their physical and emotional stress, which can lead to a more balanced mind and body on their journey to living their best lives.

Fiorella holds a psychology degree from the UNIBE University in Costa Rica.
She is an expert in Psicología en Movimiento (Moving Psychology), a modality she pioneered for treating athletes. Fiorella is also internationally certified in Ashiatsu and Sarga Bodywork foot massage therapies, which use deep tissue compression to release trigger points and connective tissues. In addition, Fiorella is the leading FODMAP diet specialist in Costa Rica. FODMAP is the most prominent therapy for treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

In her spare time, Fiorella trains as a triathlete and mountain biking. She’s an avid sportswoman who believes that keeping the body moving is the key to a long healthy life.