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Methods of payment

We offer various methods of payment for our client’s convenience. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club & JCB on-site and online, money order or cashiers checks, cash or bank wire transfer. For bank wire transfer information contact us now. Online payments are made easily by clicking below.

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Payment and refund policy

Costa Rica Treatment Center provides the highest level of addiction treatment in Costa Rica. With our intimate low occupancy approach, we have to operate very efficiently to manage reservations and client arrivals to maintain our affordable pricing and high level of service.

Reservation deposit

To reserve an opening to participate in our program, we require a 50% reservation deposit of the first month’s fee prior to arrival. We accept credit card and International wire transfers. Clients may only reserve a space 2 weeks prior to arrival – otherwise we operate under first come first served subject to availability.

If a client fails to appear at Costa Rica Treatment Center within 7 days from the reserved arrival date without having communicated with our admission team, Costa Rica Treatment Center reserves the right to retain the reservation deposit to adjust for our loss of clients during the time reserved. Costa Rica Treatment Center will make every effort to reschedule the client for a future arrival date and apply the initial reservation deposit to their payment.

If a client cancels their reservation 7 days prior to arriving at Costa Rica Treatment Center, a full refund will be given.

Full payment

Full payment is due on arrival at Costa Rica Treatment Center.

Pro data refund

We understand circumstances beyond your control can arise. We have leniency on a case-by-case basis. Should clients need to depart early due to VALID reasons before treatment completion, we offer clients a credit for days paid and unused up to 6 months after your departure date.

Involuntary Discharge & abandoning treatment ama

As part of the admissions process, clients will receive a detailed list of rules and regulations for their stay at Costa Rica Treatment Center. Should a client violate or breach any of the rules and regulations established, Costa Rica Treatment Center reserves the right to discharge the client immediately without refund.

Should a client suspend or abandon their treatment program against medical advice (AMA) they will forfeit their payment and will not be eligible for any refund. Clients that abandon treatment will not be able to return until the 10 day ‘cooling off’ period has passed. Readmission will be subject to clinical staff approval and managed on a case-by-case basis. Should a client leave and chooses to return they will be required to pay their treatment again.

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