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09 Dec

Exciting Rehab is Recovery

EXCITING REHAB IS RECOVERY Recovery is only successful when one is equipped with the right tools and abilities to manage daily life after rehab. Let's face it. Getting clean is not an easy task. This is the reason why Costa Rica Treatment Center teaches to really live and enjoy life without using alcohol or drugs.

23 Nov

Why coming to Costa Rica for Rehab / Treatment is Beneficial

WHY COMING TO COSTA RICA FOR REHAB OR TREATMENT IS BENEFICIAL Making the decision to go and get help for a drinking or drug problem is the smartest decision possible for ones future, health, sanity and basically your whole life. If you have taken this decision you are o be commended! But what is the

rehab angel
12 Oct

Real….is Rare! Losing access to your brilliance

REAL....IS RARE! LOSING ACCESS TO YOUR BRILLIANCE True victory is found in self-mastery and by making the unconscious conscious.   It happens the exact moment you release the song in your soul and tap the rhythm of your heart. It’s when you wake up and remember who you really are. Addiction makes you lose access to