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a group of patients in rehab
08 Apr

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Under $5000

DRUG AND ALCOHOL REHAB FOR UNDER $5000 Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are expensive. This is what the majority thinks. Due to this preconceived notion, many addicts resist pursuing treatment and even those considering rehab are more concerned about its cost than the results it will yield for them. Understanding the Cost of Drug and

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20 Mar

RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION: Anonymity in the Age of Social Media

RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION: ANONYMITY IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA “I have 30 days clean today and my recovery is more important than anything else to me.  My life is now mine for me to decide what I want to do with it.” “Just knocked back 16 years of sobriety.  Killing it.  Loving my life. 

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corona virus
18 Mar

Responding to the “COVID-19” Pandemic as a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

RESPONDING TO THE "COVID-19" PANDEMIC AS A DRUG & ALCOHOL REHABILITATION CENTER Costa Rica Treatment Center strives to offer our clients a haven for recovery and well-being. With this in mind, we have taken significant steps to continue serving our current clients, their families and communities affected by addiction while simultaneously responding to the threat

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13 Mar

How to Find Free Drug Rehabilitation Programs: 9 Tips You Should Follow

HOW TO FIND FREE DRUG REHABILITATION PROGRAMS: 9 TIPS YOU SHOULD FOLLOW Riding the drug addiction train is a dangerous game. You never know when it will crash and injure you or worse, end your life. Finding a reliable treatment center is the key when you’re trying to get off that train. It is the

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07 Feb

The Drug Epidemic in Canada and How to Help

THE DRUG EPIDEMIC IN CANADA AND HOW TO HELP We all know how drugs can affect the lives of individuals who get addicted to them. Bearing in mind the destructive and deadly nature of addiction, imagine what a drug epidemic can do to a country! With thousands of people falling into the trap of addiction

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opiate painkiller pills addiction
24 Jan

How to Eradicate the U.S Opiate Epidemic

HOW TO ERADICATE THE U.S OPIATE EPIDEMIC Opiate addiction is one of the leading public healthcare concerns in the US. Every year, hundreds of people die due to accidental drug overdose. The problem has reached such an alarming rate and scale that it’s referred to as the “opiate epidemic.” The most distressing part of this

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18 Dec

Recovery from Addiction & Learning to be Okay

RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION & LEARNING TO BE OKAY Many years ago, I had the privilege of working with a remarkable young lady at a drug and alcohol rehab center.  For all intents and purposes, she was a broken human being.  Multiple failed suicide attempts, insane abuses and years of hardcore drug addiction had destroyed her

Do I need rehab ?
20 Nov

Do I Need Rehab ?

DO I NEED REHAB ? If you’ve been thinking you may have a drug or alcohol problem…guess what?  You probably have a drug or alcohol problem.  If you’ve tried any of the following techniques to control or manage your relationship with substances, without any significant degree of success, you have substance abuse issues.   Substituting

girl alcoholism
06 Nov

Alcoholism, Alcohol Addiction, and How to Help

ALCOHOLISM, ALCOHOL ADDICTION, AND HOW TO HELP Alcohol addiction or alcoholism can turn your life upside down. It is a downward spiral that is hard to get out of and the road to recovery can be challenging. However, with the help of treatment professionals like the ones at Costa Rica Treatment Center it is not

Drug detoxification
25 Oct

Newest Drug Detox Methods

NEWEST DRUG DETOX METHODS We can all agree that abusing drugs can do you no good, so if you are hooked to these harmful and addictive substances or knows someone who’s trapped by the downward spiral of drugs, it is important to take measures to stop using drugs as soon as possible. In order to