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29 Jan

7 Things People Recovering from Addiction Wish You Knew

7 Things People Recovering from Addiction Wish You Knew For many people out there, substance addiction was an uninvited guest that barged into their lives and refused to leave. We have witnessed people working hard to make sense of the reasons that led them to substance addiction and how they can avoid it from disturbing

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05 Aug

Understanding EMDR in Addiction

UNDERSTANDING EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) IN ADDICTION The following article explains the two main approaches done in Costa Rica Treatment Center by the EMDR therapist. Our high recovery percentage is thanks to the application not only of a 12 Step Program, but the implementation of psychotherapy for trauma related events in the addicted

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22 Apr

The Difficult Reality of Battling Drug Addiction

THE DIFFICULT REALITY OF BATTLING DRUG ADDICTION Addiction does not discriminate. Every year, millions of people are affected by it around the world and hundreds of lives are lost. While most of us are aware of the downward spiral of drug and alcohol addiction, it is still increasing at an alarming rate. What makes it

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20 Mar

RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION: Anonymity in the Age of Social Media

RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION: ANONYMITY IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA “I have 30 days clean today and my recovery is more important than anything else to me.  My life is now mine for me to decide what I want to do with it.” “Just knocked back 16 years of sobriety.  Killing it.  Loving my life. 

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07 Feb

The Drug Epidemic in Canada and How to Help

THE DRUG EPIDEMIC IN CANADA AND HOW TO HELP We all know how drugs can affect the lives of individuals who get addicted to them. Bearing in mind the destructive and deadly nature of addiction, imagine what a drug epidemic can do to a country! With thousands of people falling into the trap of addiction

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opiate painkiller pills addiction
24 Jan

How to Eradicate the U.S Opiate Epidemic

HOW TO ERADICATE THE U.S OPIATE EPIDEMIC Opiate addiction is one of the leading public healthcare concerns in the US. Every year, hundreds of people die due to accidental drug overdose. The problem has reached such an alarming rate and scale that it’s referred to as the “opiate epidemic.” The most distressing part of this

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Drug detoxification
25 Oct

Newest Drug Detox Methods

NEWEST DRUG DETOX METHODS We can all agree that abusing drugs can do you no good, so if you are hooked to these harmful and addictive substances or knows someone who’s trapped by the downward spiral of drugs, it is important to take measures to stop using drugs as soon as possible. In order to

Psychotherapy Session
13 Oct

Psychotherapy? How Exactly Does It Work?

TALK THERAPY? HOW EXACTLY DOES IT WORK? “So how exactly does this work? I talk; you listen? Is that … it?” This was one of the first (and many) times that a patient had been outspoken about his doubts and hesitations regarding psychotherapy. Of course, that’s not it. Nevertheless, his question points out one true

Addiction recovery
11 Oct

How to Stop Using Drugs and Alcohol

HOW TO STOP USING DRUGS AND ALCOHOL We all know that there is no upside to drug and alcohol abuse. However, according to research, there were around 164 million people around the world who abused drugs or alcohol in 2016. This number has only increased over the years and, as a result, excessive use of

Drug overdose
09 Oct

What Is Addiction?

WHAT IS ADDICTION? It’s the most popular question asked in our discussion groups. Each time people come up with their ideas and concepts on how to define addiction. Some call it a habit, while others label it as a psychological disease. Once someone quoted Milton to explain addiction, and that nuanced take really struck a