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15 Sep

Costa Rica Opens Borders to Travelers – Requirements for Tourists to Enter Costa Rica

Costa Rica Opens Borders to Travelers – Latest News and Travel Requirements for Tourists to Enter Costa Rica   UPDATE 23rd of October 2020: COVID-19 Test Removed From Entry Requirements. This October the 22nd, authorities announced that they are going to eliminate the negative coronavirus test requirement for foreign tourists. The Minister of Tourism declared

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26 Jun

How one drug and alcohol rehab center in Costa Rica has responded to the coronavirus

HOW ONE DRUG AND ALCOHOL REHAB CENTER IN COSTA RICA HAS RESPONDED TO THE CORONAVIRUS The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of people and businesses across the world. The Costa Rica Treatment Center, an alcohol and drug rehab facility located in the upscale San José neighborhood of Rohrmoser, is no different. Ever since the Costa Rican

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29 Apr

Affordable Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in Costa Rica

AFFORDABLE DRUG AND ALCOHOL DETOX PROGRAMS IN COSTA RICA While the best course of action for addiction treatment involves months or weeks of detoxification, therapy, and classes, not everyone can afford it. Generally, the longer a rehab program is, the higher its cost is expected to be. It requires a major investment of time and

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29 Sep

What to Consider with International Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Traveling Abroad for International Drug Rehabilitation People choose to travel to international drug and alcohol rehabs for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, rehab in the United States and Canada is expensive. Even with insurance, the price can be a major barrier that prevents people from getting the help they need. A willingness to

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22 Sep

Effective Treatment for Substance Use Disorder & Behavioral Health

EFFECTIVE DRUG REHABILITATION IS COMPREHENSIVE  The Impact of Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs on Society Research has concluded without a shred of a doubt that abusing alcohol, tobacco, and drugs like opioids have both immediate and long-term health effects. Worldwide, the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime estimated that 275 million people worldwide consumed

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14 Aug

Finding International Drug Rehabs & Recovery from Addiction

FINDING AN ACCREDITED INTERNATIONAL DRUG REHAB Finding a international drug rehab can be a really difficult task. Nowadays, people are swamped with information every day. Most people in the United States searching for international drug rehabs or alcohol rehabs are not aware that Latin American Drug Rehabs must adhere to the highest standards of international

09 Aug

A treatment center in Costa Rica helps break common myths and misconceptions about addiction recovery

A TREATMENT CENTER IN COSTA RICA HELPS BREAK COMMON MYTHS AND MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT ADDICTION RECOVERY See the original article at https://ticotimes.net/2019/08/05/a-treatment-center-in-costa-rica-helps-break-common-myths-and-misconceptions-about-addiction-recovery Addiction can be a difficult subject to broach with a friend or loved one who’s suffering from substance use disorder (SUD). Every person is different and each person’s road to recovery should be developed

24 Apr

International drug rehab in Costa Rica with Costa Rica Treatment Center

INTERNATIONAL DRUG REHAB IN COSTA RICA WITH COSTA RICA TREATMENT CENTER read full article at Tico Times... Their evidence-based treatment programs are engineered to guide patients toward recovery, even if previous attempts or drug rehabs have failed. Their addiction treatment model includes a bilingual team that comprises the highest staff-to-patient ratio in the region. The

09 Dec

Exciting Rehab is Recovery

EXCITING REHAB IS RECOVERY Recovery is only successful when one is equipped with the right tools and abilities to manage daily life after rehab. Let's face it. Getting clean is not an easy task. This is the reason why Costa Rica Treatment Center teaches to really live and enjoy life without using alcohol or drugs.