We know from personal experience that battling drug addiction; alcoholism on your own can be a very difficult process but together there is always hope.

Mental health professionals estimate that approximately 2 out of 10 addicts recover from the disease of addiction. Costa Rica Treatment Center is committed to achieving better results by applying evidence-based practices for treating those addicted to alcohol and other drugs.

We became passionate about opening a treatment center because of the shockingly low success rates and the soaring cost of treatment in the United States.


We knew that by empowering recovered addicts and alcoholics in our community we could collaboratively achieve better results. We intuitively understood that if the message of recovery was transmitted effectively anyone, no matter what their circumstance, could be free from alcoholism and drug addiction; after all, we were free from addiction ourselves. Together, we could push the industry benchmark forward and help offer a solution to the drug epidemic in the United States.

Empower people in recovery


As we investigated other treatment centers, it became increasingly apparent that most drug and alcohol treatment programs had been developed by mental health professionals with no personal experience recovering from addiction and alcoholism.

Despite the high cost of treatment at some centers, the results were at times ineffective. We decided to challenge the status quo and put forward our attempt at helping those struggling to recover from addiction.

In the beginning, most of our clients came to Costa Rica Treatment Center seeking help having relapsed only days after being discharged from other drug rehabs in the area.

Despite completing treatment programs at other centers, it became apparent our clients had absolutely no idea what alcoholism or drug addiction was about and what course of action was needed in order to stay clean and sober. The majority seemed very confused on why they had relapsed in the first place.


We set out to offer the evidence-based programs that proved highly effective in the first place. We’ve seen great results and our growing list of satisfied alumni continue to experience a life free from drug addiction and alcoholism.

We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to participate in the recovery process of our clients. We hope you will give yourself a chance, take action and join us.


Our mission is to relieve individuals, families, and communities suffering from addiction to alcohol and other drugs by offering effective and affordable evidence-based treatment programs.


Our vision is to generate awareness of the solution to addiction and help inspire the international treatment community to strive for better results while maintaining high standards of quality and treatment affordability.


We operate under the disease model of addiction. Integrating this philosophy into our psycho-educational and experiential programming means we help our clients understand that addiction is a disease which becomes worse, never better over time and is inevitably fatal if left untreated.

Evidence-based treatment practices and proven modalities are integrated into our treatment planning to educate on the disease, develop relapse prevention techniques and ultimately develop a life that is no longer consumed by drugs and alcohol.

We believe the only way to effectively treat our clients is to look beyond the obvious symptoms, identify the source of the problem, and focus on continued healing of every facet of the person as a whole – mind, body and spirit.

Each addiction treatment plan is individually developed in collaboration with the client and in accordance with the client’s unique medical history, psychiatric and biopsychosocial diagnosis, spiritual condition, and their cognitive level. Our programs set out to improve every aspect of the client’s life including their physical, mental, emotional, social, family, and spiritual condition/connection.

Why coming to Costa Rica for Rehab Treatment is Beneficial
  • Apply a simple solution to a complex problem.
  • Place the client’s well-being at the forefront of every decision.
  • Be uncompromising in our promise to deliver the highest standards of care.
  • Safeguard everyone’s basic right to affordable and effective treatment.
  • Seek new insights and remain dedicated to the improvement of our service.
  • Advocate for practical programs of prevention.
  • Carry a message of hope to all those suffering from addiction and related conditions.
  • Know that no addict need ever die from addiction to alcohol and drugs.
  • Endeavor to challenge the status quo through innovation and results.
  • Remain committed to our mission but always flexible in our approach.


Our social responsibility is to reduce the consequences associated to addiction to alcohol and other drugs. We strive to keep the local recovery community united by offering a safe place for community involvement, interaction and support.

We are committed to the creation of employment opportunities by investing in substance disorder research, education and training. We resolve to reduce our environmental footprint and inspire others to do the same by applying responsible business practices.


We consider ourselves fortunate to participate in the recovery process of our clients.
We hope you will give yourself a chance, take action and join us.