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30 Sep

My Suffering is Perceived – Addiction Recovery

ADDICTION RECOVERY TAUGHT ME SUFFERING IS PERCEIVED The other night at a gathering my guru-buddy proudly proclaimed, “I’m a Buddhist so I’m tattooing the Ganesha on my forearm.” With my usual snarkiness I quipped, “Dude, pretty sure Ganesha is a Hindu God.” “Well, yeah, same thing. Hindu, Buddha, it’s all about suffering, right?” Buddhism is

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29 Sep

What to Consider with International Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Traveling Abroad for International Drug Rehabilitation People choose to travel to international drug and alcohol rehabs for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, rehab in the United States and Canada is expensive. Even with insurance, the price can be a major barrier that prevents people from getting the help they need. A willingness to

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22 Sep

Effective Treatment for Substance Use Disorder & Behavioral Health

EFFECTIVE DRUG REHABILITATION IS COMPREHENSIVE  The Impact of Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs on Society Research has concluded without a shred of a doubt that abusing alcohol, tobacco, and drugs like opioids have both immediate and long-term health effects. Worldwide, the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime estimated that 275 million people worldwide consumed

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11 Sep

How Do I Really Feel – Rejoining the Human Experience in Recovery

HOW DO I REALLY FEEL - REJOINING THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE IN RECOVERY Emotional Check-In Every morning was the same routine.  We ate breakfast, slurped down our coffees and were herded into the main hall for Emotional Check-In, a regular practice we submit our clients to at Costa Rica Treatment Center.  Emotional Check-In back then consisted