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addiction message
28 Aug

Addiction is a Message

ADDICTION IS A MESSAGE Over the years working as a clinical psychologist with patients who are struggling to overcome an addiction, I’ve come to understand this about their struggle.  Addiction is a message; a complex message.  It is within the complexity of this message where a variety of unrevealed truths lie that must be exposed

14 Aug

Finding International Drug Rehabs & Recovery from Addiction

FINDING AN ACCREDITED INTERNATIONAL DRUG REHAB Finding a international drug rehab can be a really difficult task. Nowadays, people are swamped with information every day. Most people in the United States searching for international drug rehabs or alcohol rehabs are not aware that Latin American Drug Rehabs must adhere to the highest standards of international

09 Aug

A treatment center in Costa Rica helps break common myths and misconceptions about addiction recovery

A TREATMENT CENTER IN COSTA RICA HELPS BREAK COMMON MYTHS AND MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT ADDICTION RECOVERY See the original article at https://ticotimes.net/2019/08/05/a-treatment-center-in-costa-rica-helps-break-common-myths-and-misconceptions-about-addiction-recovery Addiction can be a difficult subject to broach with a friend or loved one who’s suffering from substance use disorder (SUD). Every person is different and each person’s road to recovery should be developed

07 Aug

A Million little Connections

A MILLION LITTLE CONNECTIONS An Outstretched Hand 13 years-ago this month I arrived at LAX where my best partner in crime had agreed to scoop me, drive me up the coast and deposit me at a drug and alcohol rehab center.  Before leaving we swung by his house for provisions.  Like I said, he’s THE